Update for LKG Portrait Beta Users - April 15, 2021


A quick reminder, if you do not have this installed already, please head on over here to download the latest version of HoloPlay Service (HoPS)

1️⃣ HoloPlay Studio for Mac (Beta)


  1. Download the (super beta) HoloPlay Studio for Mac:
  2. HoloPlayStudio.0.2.11-dmg.1.dmg144144.4KB

    Supports Catalina or better.

  3. There is a chance you may be blocked from opening the file because the developer is unverified. To temporarily get around this, right click (or CTRL + click) on the application and select "Open" for the first time you open it.
  4. See example:
    Fingers crossed, no malice!
    Fingers crossed, no malice!
  5. Log all bugs & feedback here.
  6. If you find issues, please include your log files which can be located here: /Users/<Username>/Library/Application Support/HoloPlayStudio/log.txt

    This is a hidden file on newer MacOS. To get there, Option-click the "Go" menu item in Finder, click on Library, then browse to Application Support/HoloPlay Studio

2️⃣ HoloPlay Studio for Windows (Updated Version)


  1. Download the updated (beta) HoloPlay Studio for Windows
  2. HoloPlayStudio-0.2.11-dmg.1.Setup.exe.zip118577.3KB
  3. Log all bugs & feedback here.
  4. If you find issues, please include your log files which can be located here: c:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\HoloPlayStudio\, where <Username>

3️⃣ 2D → 3D Conversion Web Tool

As part of us hitting our $2.5 million mark on the Kickstarter pre-order campaign, we promised that all of you would be getting 20 free 2D → 3D conversions using our proprietary conversion service. I'm happy to announce that service is ready today to test!

You all should have received a unique redemption code from Nikki in your email which is good for 20 free conversion credits. If you did not receive a code and would like to participate in testing, please let me know.

Here's how to use your credit:

  1. Go to this page: https://lookingglassfactory.com/account/2dto3d
  2. Log in to your Looking Glass Factory account or create a new one.
  3. Redeem your credits by entering your redemption code provided by Nikki (via an email sent out April 15, 2021).
  4. Upload your 2D images following best practices in this tutorial
    Convert Any Photo into a Hologram!
  5. Convert your image and save it to your computer (a reminder here that converted images are only stored for up to 24 hours).
  6. Load that RGB-D image directly into HoloPlay Studio.

That's it! If you run into any bugs/issues or have any feedback on the process, how it's communicated or the conversion page itself, please let us know. We are testing out a new process for receiving feedback from users so if you have any thing to report at all (outside of HoloPlay Studio bug logging, please go here)!