HoloPlay Studio
HoloPlay Studio

HoloPlay Studio


HoloPlay Studio is currently available in beta only Link to download HoloPlay Service

1️⃣ HoloPlay Studio for Mac (Beta)


  1. Download the HoloPlay Studio Beta for Mac
  2. Supports Catalina or better.

  3. There is a chance you may be blocked from opening the file because the developer is unverified. To temporarily get around this, right click (or CTRL + click) on the application and select "Open" for the first time you open it.
  4. See example:
    Fingers crossed, no malice!
    Fingers crossed, no malice!
  5. Log all bugs & feedback here.
  6. If you find issues, please include your log files which can be located here: /Users/<Username>/Library/Application Support/HoloPlayStudio/log.txt

    This is a hidden file on newer MacOS. To get there, Option-click the "Go" menu item in Finder, click on Library, then browse to Application Support/HoloPlay Studio

2️⃣ HoloPlay Studio for Windows (Updated Version)


  1. Download HoloPlay Studio Beta for Windows
  2. Log all bugs & feedback here.
  3. If you find issues, please include your log files which can be located here: c:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\HoloPlayStudio\ where <username> is your username

Getting Started

HoloPlay Studio is the hologram companion app for your Looking Glass portrait. With it, you can import holograms from a variety of sources, create and organize playlists, and make minor edits to any hologram you create.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an Advance Beta Backer and received your Looking Glass Portrait before March 1st, you will need to update your Pi Image + Firmware in order to use the new beta software. We've detailed how to do this in a tutorial here


We've put together a list of tutorials to get you started with capturing and creating content for HoloPlay Studio. A full list of all available tutorials is linked below:


This version of HoloPlay Studio is tested on computers with a GTX 1060 equivalent or better. At this time, support for less powerful graphics cards is experimental.

Some computers may experience a bug that results in either a solid purple image or a solid black image on the Looking Glass Portrait. Resolution steps can be found below in the Known Beta Issues section of our documentation.