Convert Any Photo into a Hologram!

Convert Any Photo into a Hologram!

You can use our 2D to 3D service to add depth to any photo โ€” from old family photos to photos sent from your loved ones! Look in your email for a note from Nikki that explains how to redeem and get your conversions from 2D to 3D.

Once you have downloaded your conversions from the website, you're ready to get started with this tutorial. You should have an RGB-D side by side image ready to go.


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What in the 3 is RGB-D?


An RGB-D image is a combination of a RGB image (a normal, colorful image you're used to) and its corresponding depth image. HoloPlay Studio can directly interpret RGB-D images into holograms you view live on your Looking Glass Portrait.

In our case, it's a 2D photograph or image with a software generated depth map. The original RGB image sits on the left while the depth map sits on the right.


Check out

to learn more about what depth maps are and why they're important.

Import your conversion into HoloPlay Studio

Now that we've got an RGB-D converted photo, let's bring it into HoloPlay Studio. Open up HoloPlay Studio, with your Looking Glass Portrait connected to your computer in Desktop Mode.

Add Hologram


Select Add Hologram > RGBD Photo/Video> Import File and navigate to the downloaded RGB-D image you just converted from the 2D โ†’ 3D conversion site. You can only import one file at a time (for now!)


Like any playlist, it plays. But this playlist is the only one in the world (right now) that plays holograms. You can play and pause your hologram, skip forward or backward in your playlist, and loop a single hologram on repeat.


Hologram Properties


The photo you've imported will add to your playlist (on the left) while live previewing in the Looking Glass Portrait display. It also automatically opens up the following properties on the right:

  • Depthinessโ€” adjusting this value will shift how 3D the photo is
  • Focusโ€” adjusting this value shifts where the photo sits in the focal plane in the display


You can also frame and crop your hologram with the following controls:

  • Mouse wheel / two finger scrollโ€” zoom in and out
  • Mouse click + dragโ€” pan around image

Once you're done making your properties and framing adjustments, those changes will stay until you decide to edit it again.


Hologram Exercise: Keeping our tips about Depth in mind, select and convert more photos and import them into HoloPlay Studio. Check out the differences in depthiness through your experimentations!

Edit Playlist

Your playlist is your collection of holograms you've brought into HoloPlay Studio. Let's briefly go over the options in the Playlist panel.



Right click the photo you just imported into your Playlist, to

  • Duplicate,
  • Edit Length,
  • Delete, or
  • Rename your hologram.
  • You can also find these options by going to Edit in the HoloPlay Studio's window bar.

Most of these options are pretty self explanatory, but I want to take the time to go over Edit Length. Edit Length allows you to edit the time that a hologram plays in your playlist, both in Desktop Mode and Standalone Mode. If the hologram is a video, you won't be able adjust its length of play.


Hologram Exercise: Rename your new conversion so that, when you import more, you know which photo is which!

Reorder Playlist


If I have a specific order I want my holograms to play in, how do I do that? I'm glad you asked.

When you hover over your playlist selection, you'll see a small grid appear to the left of the hologram's title.

By dragging that, you can reorder your playlist any way you'd like.

Sync Playlist

Now that you've created a playlist with your iPhone photos, click on the Sync Playlist button. You're able to save the holograms to your device for Standalone Mode, to bring around and show off to your friends and family.




For more detailed definitions on HoloPlay Studio's functionality, including more information on RGB-D images and videos, please visit our docs site.


So, how was importing your first 2D to 3D converted photo onto your Looking Glass Portrait?

Experiment with all sorts of photos โ€” photos you've received from friends, photos you've saved from internet photos, old family photos, the list goes on. You're a trailblazer when it comes to converting images into holograms, and I'm sure you'll find tips and tricks and incredible conversions that we couldn't have even dreamed of without you. Don't forget to let us know!!

๐Ÿค— Please feel welcome to:

  • Share your RGB-D conversions with us in our community's Discord.
  • Shoot us an email at with any questions or feedback
  • Tweet at us (@lkgglass) or tag us on instagram (@lookingglassfactory) ๐Ÿ˜Ž

In the mean time, check out the other ways you can view or edit your real world memories as holograms right now: