Holo, there.

Holo, there.


If you are on the page, please note that the latest onboarding guide is now ready and available at http://look.glass/portrait-start

Last updated: May 2, 2021


Standalone Mode β€” Setup & view holograms


Run all the exemplary demo content on Looking Glass Portrait in Standalone Mode See what your Looking Glass Portrait can do in Standalone Mode by plugging it in the wall with the USB-C cable + adapter and switching on the unit by pressing the [ON/OFF] button. The included demos will be on infinite loop and more details about what they are, who made them and how they were made are all listed here.

Desktop Mode β€” Create your own holograms.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an Advance Beta Backer and received your Looking Glass Portrait before March 1st, you will need to update your Pi Image + Firmware in order to use the new beta software. We've detailed how to do this in a tutorial here


Configure your display settings


For Windows β†’ Verify that your displays are extended β†’ Ensure that your Looking Glass Portrait display (2) in the configuration below is set to 100% scale. For Mac β†’ In the Display arrangement tab, verify that your displays are extended and not mirrored.


Download HoloPlay Service (HoPS), the required software that manages the connection between your Looking Glass Portrait & your PC/Mac in the background. All of the Looking Glass plugins and applications (HoloPlay Unity Plugin, Blender Add-On, HoloPlay Studio, etc.) require a lightweight piece of software (it's like a driver) that manages the connection between your Looking Glass & your PC/Mac in the background. You will need to download it one time to enable our other software packages. Download HoloPlay Service β†’ Note that if you have a previous version of HoPS installed, you will need to download this version (v1.2.0) which is now compatible with Looking Glass Portrait.


If you are on the page, you have received an early beta unit. Most of the compatible software listed is still in beta. Depth Recorder & Diorama are both currently only available for use with Windows.

✨Looking Glass Portrait Software & Plugins

πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ« Tutorials

Standalone Mode - Demo Content.

Below is a list of all the demos that you saw in the included demo reel. All of this content was converted to run standalone with our internal version of


All listed demos with a speaker emoji is shipped with audio. To view these in their full majestic glory, we encourage you to connect your Looking Glass Portrait to a set of speakers via the AUX out connector (AUX cable & speakers not provided).

Demo Reel Content

Update for LKG Portrait Beta Users - April 15, 2021